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Some confusing events have occured.
The diner was great, J is nice, funny, and we hit it off nicely.

However lately she has been sending interesting messages. There is the possibility that she is joking, of course, but by how much? Is it all based on something?

Yesterday Rag talked about it's good that I'm good with money because he isn't. She asked if she could marry me, too, so I'd help her with her money.
Today she asked Rag how he'd feel about being a bigamist.

It seems to me she has polyamory on her mind... when she was over she mentioned a dream in which her mother had many husbands.

I'm mostly confused about the joke about marrying ME, which in itself wouldn't be something I look at twice. But I'm wondering, now, if she's realised Rag likes her and thinks we both want a relationship with her? Romantically I mean. I'm only interested in men, but if she didn't mean that way it will be weird to tell her so... And I don't want to stop being friendly with her, either.

Either way, I think it's rather positive that she's been joking about it. It seems to me she's trying to bring the subject in one way or other.
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