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Originally Posted by TruckerPete View Post
After agreeing to make one of my favourite meals, Indigo planned it for Thursday and invited Mr. A. Thursday seems to have become group night.

About 10 minutes later, Indigo said out of nowhere, "You know, I really do like Mr. A."
This is great!

This morning I got together with Redpepper, Polynerdist and thier son to do some yard work...eyeballing the place I will soon call home as well. Lot's of potential

After that, Redpepper had to take off to officiate the Responsible Non-monogamy Women's group. Me and Polynerdist engaged in one of our long discussions about human nature, purpose and the implications of intellect on the human animal for over an hour. Once again I am amazed at the depths we take each other to in this talks. I figured some things out as well

Very cool day with my chosen family

Playing the Game of Life with Monopoly rules.
Monogamy might just be in my genes

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