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Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
It sounds to me like the stereotypical mid-life crisis, minus the new sports car.

Feeling trapped in marriage/life? Check.
Feeling invigorated getting involved with sweet, young thing? Check.
Buying sports car to show continued virility? Um, you haven't been stopping by car lots, have you?

I'd say addressing the depression and mid-life crisis is the first order of business. Once you get yourself settled, then you can fully turn your attention to the relationships in your life.
I'm all for buying sports-cars to deal with your mid-life crisis but...

At the risk of hijacking this thread:

When I fell in love with that "other guy" last year, my friends decided that I was having a stereotypical "seven-year itch". I disagree with that. Not saying it doesn't happen, but it implies that something is wrong with your "real" relationship just because you have feelings for someone else. If I was really having a "seven-year itch", I would have turned around and found someone else to scratch it after being rejected by the other guy. That didn't happen.
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