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Originally Posted by Vinccenzo View Post
She seemed to me to be hinting that she does it when she cooks for a lover and it was for a "binding spell". I'm not sure what that means. She was Wiccan if that matters. I don't know enough about what is involved in being Wiccan to say for sure.
I've actually done some slight research in Wicca and I've heard of this before. Actually the spell is the simple ingesting of menstrual blood, doesn't matter how. So if she's actually cooking with it that would imply to me that her partner(s) doesn't know they're ingesting it at all. The cooking would be primarily to hide the blood, in my opinion. I could be wrong but that idea just makes me ill. If you know about it sure, whatever, but feeding it to anyone without their knowledge is uncool in my book.
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