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As far as the school thing goes, my sons are in the 10th and 7th grades and their friends, their friends parents, and the teachers and administrators all know because we have included our partners in all the school functions as they were part of the children's lives and no one seems to have a problem with it. CPS has never been called, people don't leave when we come around, on the contrary, they come up to us and carry on conversations because they see the love we and our loves have for the children and since both of my sons are a-b honor roll kids and involved in EVERYTHING that happens at school they can see that what I do behind closed doors does not effect them in the negetive. And the kids seem to get along with us better then most of the other adults and I think it is because they can be honest with us and they know we won't judge them, as a matter of fact, some of my eldest son's friends will come to me with problems (the ones of a sexual nature) that they don't feel confortable going to their own parents about because we aren't sooooo uptight!! I'm one of the cool parents!!!!
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