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So RCG has joined the forums as Ulysses, welcome! I feel honored to be his introduction into poly. Mostly, I'm just happy to have made such an interesting new friend. He's going to be away for a few weeks and there are a lot of new developments in his life, so we'll see how things go.

Throughout all the emotional craziness with Seth and the intensity of my connection with Ulysses, I've also been talking with a guy I'll call Zen, because he's been quiet and consistent and manages to calm me down at the end of many a busy day. I've never met someone who is such a good listener in my life. Even over a chat program he just exudes calm. And he seems genuinely interested in me. I was tickled pink recently when he told me he just likes to hear me talk about my day. It feels so nice. From what I understand he's from a very conservatively christian background, so I've been hugely surprised that he's open to seeing where things might go. He's been very supportive and sweet, and I look forward to his gentle texts and messages every day.

Zen is VERY tall. Every time I've seen him he's been in uniform, and with his boots on he's nearly six seven. I thought I washed my hands of men who were that tall years ago when I was dating a guy who was the same height as Zen. I didn't like the fact that I couldn't easily kiss him... I had to pull him down to kiss me as if I were a child, and he wore sandals everywhere! But I guess I might be making an exception here. We're nowhere near kissing yet, but so far just his smile is enough.

The thing I like most about Zen is that when I brought up the fact that I spin wool into yarn, he didn't give me the "oh, that's interesting" line. He says he knows how to crochet and was actually asking me intelligent questions and said he would like to learn how it's done. I told him that I would be extremely happy to show him how it works and to teach him the basics whenever he had the time to come out for a few hours.

I guess I'm just appreciating his calmness and focus at a time that I seem to really need it. I can't wait to meet with him again soon.
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