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Wellllll...... The week went and drug on....and now, we are back from our friday evening out with L's D. He was ever so the gentleman. I gave him enough rope to hang a whole football team, and he didn't take any of it. I was so happy about that.

That was the good.....

Now for the bad.

I had a mental break down today and last night. I just keep going crazy over differnt crap. None of it makes sense. I seem to be most bothered by the fact that he makes more money than I do, and drives a nicer vehicle than me. When did I become so shallow? I get bent out of shape when L asks me questions abouthim and stuff. She may ask "what if he asks me to go to the movies?" to which I will say "Well, that's fine as long as I'm not at work"....but the reality, is that because of L jumping the gun and asking to ride in his car that one time, I feel like she is going to do it agian....Or worse yet, that she will ask me if she can go out with him....while he is standing right there. To do something like that, is not cool to me because it paints me in a corner and if I answer "no", I am a jerk....No matter the reason. However, my wife has NOT done this, and I expressed some concerns I had tonight. We laughed, we cried, we progressed.

More good:

L asked her D what she should refer to him as, since we are all definatly closer than just friends now. He said that he doens't want to attach a label to it as of yet, but an appropriate one would be "boyfriend" or "lover". This is actually good. We are hoping that this all works out well for all parties involved.

More bad: He doesn't seem to communicate with me very well. When I try to talk to him, he seems very distant and quiet. Not sure why yet. My wife just says that he is always talking about me, when they are alone together. (They spent a lot of time alone together yesterday) I dunno...Just a lot of weird feelings going on in MY head.
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