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Originally Posted by DeeTee View Post
Oh dear, not at all the response I was looking for. Too pernickety.
I hereby withdraw my post.
Best wishes all!
Oh that's too bad. Its a little alarming to me when people leave without saying why. It sounds like you were looking for a particular answer. What was that I wonder? And why put yourself out there if you already have the answer? Perhaps a sight on polyamory was not what was looked for here, but what were you looking for? I know several on-line and places otherwise where the term poly is used more for the swinging side or open side of things rather than the emotional bonds that can form from several relationships. Perhaps that was the misunderstanding here?

Just to comment on the original post, which I assume is what neon quoted... Maybe you are looking for a "vee." That's what I'm in and it has included a sexual relationship between us three. We started our journey with a man that was meant to be a threesome only and it became very apparent the second encounter in that two of us were falling for each other and the third was left out. It was fun once. It was kind of fun the second time. By the third time, emotional dynamics kicked in and it became apparent that we were on our way to something deeper and a cross roads occurred. It ended because poly was not what he signed up for. He wasn't looking for love and found it by mistake. Very hard and very sad to say goodbye. Now I have two men in my life as primary partners and we are all in it for similar reasons. So good to check that out ahead of time.

Something to be aware of and think about perhaps. I know in the throws of something; anticipation, excitment, and lust, its hard to do that, but if its possible to talk about these things before they come up, then perhaps you will be spared some hardship. Talking about what the intent is, what boundaries there are, talking to him about it all too can really help. Staying honest and respectful is helpful in this.

Good luck, if in fact you are even getting your email notifications anymore. If not then perhaps this will benefit someone else reading. Which reminds me, reading on here really puts things into perspective. Of course being in NRE over it all isn't all that condusive to being interested in learning. At least in my experience
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