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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit
2> Envy
Another pretty common trait. No matter how (supposedly) open minded these people try to appear, when it comes down to it - if you are going to have yours then I better be able to have the same. If not I'm going to cry FOUL !
As part of the above mentioned ignorance - what limited knowledge many people have of poly they relate to multiple sex partners. Double foul if they can't have theirs !
Originally Posted by Vinccenzo
This leaves the "regular" folk to only hear of it when a poly relationship is struggling and it gives the impression than nothing good ever comes of it. So if you take your problem to most relationship advice forums you get a bunch of "you were playing with fire" and "what did you expect?"
Originally Posted by clairegoad
Also, listeners will bring their past to the conversation.. If someone was cheated on.. they will associate poly with cheating...
Wow. I'm really enjoying this thread and all of these points are just too true. I think even just "coming out" to our small group of friends, I noticed a little bit of all of that (mainly from one person). I think starting small (telling close friends first, then we'll worry about family, etc.) and keeping a positive, open mind for discussion is what helped and will help us. And as Vinccenzo said, they only seem to hear about stuff when it's bad, so showing the good side of the relationship is helpful... What I take from that is, be honest with friends and family before the shit hits the fan so that they see the relationship's whole, not just the snags.
Married to my wonderful husband (Laughingman) and we are currently trying to form a triad with our friend. New to poly!
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