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Hello, I'm looking for people in a similar situation to us, or who have experience of a similar situation, just to get some perspective really. Myself and my wife have been married six years, and very close the whole time. Nearly two months ago we were talking in bed, and we got onto the subject of a threesome some guys almost persuaded her to have at a party years before we met. After we stopped laughing (Nobody tells a story like she does) she said she wished she had gone through with it. Ah well, she said, too late now.
Weell... I said.
And that was it.
Various ups and downs and lots of talk later and our first threesome is on it's way, only by now it has transformed somewhat. She started talking to a guy she knew online, made the suggestion, and as it happened the idea seemed perfect for his current circumstances, if it was to be a semi regular thing. The thing is, we wanted to get ourselves in shape for it, so we have delayed him coming up, as he is 400 miles away, and in the meantime we've had time to think and discuss the whole thing between us (All three of us) and we've got to know each other a bit, and he has now acquired the official title of boyfriend, which we're both happy about, as we were neither of us ever really one night stand people. Hadnt heard of polyamory before all this happened, but its nice to see there are other people out there making it up as they go along, though I havent found much about MFM triads as yet. Not that that's necessarily where we are going, but it's nice to get a feel for the waters ahead, even if they're dimly glimpsed as yet. Anyone with any stories or practical stuff would be very much appreciated.
Cheers everybody!
OK, I'm happy for you. But, you do realize that a "threesome" and a "triad" are two different things. The first is "just sex", the second is "a relationship".

Are you bisexual or interested in become involved that way with another man? You don't say so one way or another in your post.

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