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I agree that it is a hard question to answer. So many things that have to be untangled that are not easy to disaggregate. I went through personal hell that led to self reflection and - eventually - self growth that got me to honestly look at a lot of things. Gave me the courage to recraft a life that largely ignored social convention - only part of which is about being Poly. The tumult in all of my life is both the cause and result of that honesty and growth.

For me, asking is it worth being poly is akin to asking is it worth knowing yourself? It is true that ignorance is bliss. But, I'd rather live life fully than be ignorant. Because I am much more closely in touch with who I am, what I need, and what I am feeling, I am both happier and more sad. However, I am more self-aware, fulfilled and purposeful (or "full of purpose").

Saddness is a 1000 times more tolerable in this state than it was without that self-understanding.
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