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Question always and still figuring it out...

i'm wondering what that fine line is btwn poly and affair and know that it's different for everyone and different situations...but interested what folks may have to say?

...she's been nothing but honest in terms of having the relationship and her desire to be in it...and i love her so much for that...and wish she felt more comfortable sharing in a thoughtful manner...she also thinks i'm depressed over all and doesn't want to contribute to that and i understand where that comes from...but i also just lost a family member not too long ago and have a lot of shit going on around that and am feeling that in a real way and time is helping that...

she has said that she questions our relationship in general, irrespective of her current relationship...and at the same time imagines me in her future...

i guess i'm looking for strategies for patience without being delusional about what's really happening...
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