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Very interesting thread. My wife and I have always - on occasion - called each other 'lover' so we don't have any negative connotations (mistress . . ). Now I have a 'special friend' as well, I am quite happy to call her my lover too. Some 6 months only since we all worked out what was going on, we are just on the cusp of coming out to our (young adult) kids as a first tentative step to proper open-ness. As I write, I am in my secondary's flat, discussing birthday presents for my daughter, and how her date with a prospective primary went (very well apparently ) Maybe when she has her own primary she will be a bit more comfortable with being my secondary??

Sorry, bit of a stream of consciousness post, could 1/2 a bottle of cotes du rhone have anything to do with it? I guess in my own head I am setting on special friend' or just 'special', which is what an ex colleague used to call me although we never even got so far as a cuddle.

Keep it up folks
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