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Default figuring it out

i'm in a poly relationship in which the person i felt was on board with me through all of this has withdrawn sexually...time wise i feel like we are still primary because we live together and have child but in terms of her being fully present during that time is another story...right now, sometimes i feel like i'm the mechanism for her new fresh relationship (via childcare and being supportive of her personal and sexual growth) in which she does want to be fully present in and i know that if i felt she was fully present in our relationship and/or at least working on getting to a good spot that her having another relationship wouldn't bother me and i wouldn't feel like i'm being taking for granted and/or just put on hold while she maintains, grows and cultivates another relationship. the other part of it for me is that it seems so separate...i always imagined poly to be more open and involved and the person she's choosing to cultivate this relationship with is not at all comfortable with that and she seems to be okay with that and i don't think i am...i'm okay with separate relationships but i also feel the separation comes from some amount of non-disclosure on her part...
any thoughts? i welcome any all comments...
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