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Default Another perspective

A year ago, I would have misunderstood poly also.... A year ago, I would have freaked out... and demanded fidelity.. because that is the only way.

I mention this.. because ... there may be others who are unreceptive... who just need some education, time and space to appreciate this life.

In retrospect... I have always kept the emotional ties to former lovers... Have been involved in helping my ex-husband repair his current marriage... because I had perspective that no one else had... And that was my gift to him & Deb. I did not keep the physical relationship.

However, if I had known about poly 5 years ago... I might have been able to save the last long term (16/18/20 year, depending on who you ask) relationship.

Also, listeners will bring their past to the conversation.. If someone was cheated on.. they will associate poly with cheating...We scare them... in many ways.

Our best option is to keep doing what we're doing.. and live a successful life, filled with communication.. and others will learn.

Be patient with the world..
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