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Originally Posted by Ilove2men View Post
... She is a control freak and uses the fear of losing his child against him. So when she says jump he asks how high...

....he must leave right then so he interrupts while I'm saying "I love you. Sweet Dreams" to tell me they are leaving. My feelings were hurt by this.
Originally Posted by Ilove2men View Post
... I have a fear of what our life will look like for the next 14 years with the control she has over him. I didn't realize it was there, but subconciously I have a fear of my being upset over things like this coming between him and I. That she will... Idk take him over to the dark side and it will have a negative impact on our life, my life, and my daughter's life, and the relationship our daughters will have together.

So yeah, I was hurt because it was rude and I guess it had triggered a fear that I wasn't aware of at that time.

Your second post is what ocurred to me when I read the first one. He's poly, but she's jealous, it sounds like. It's very unethical to use their daughter as a pawn to control the relationship between you and him!
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