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You know I've actually been thinking and I realize now that there was more to my hurt feelings than we covered. Right now I know that I have a fear of what our life will look like for the next 14 years with the control she has over him. I didn't realize it was there, but subconciously I have a fear of my being upset over things like this coming between him and I. That she will... Idk take him over to the dark side and it will have a negative impact on our life, my life, and my daughter's life, and the relationship our daughters will have together.

So yeah, I was hurt because it was rude and I guess it had triggered a fear that I wasn't aware of at that time. Maybe you and I aren't so different after all. I'm going to start keeping track of this because I'm curipus as to if I just need time or if there's something deeper that I'm not seeing, but am sensing on some level.
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