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Yes, she is feeling insecure. At the same time... So am I. Trying to understand her needs as a poly, and where I fit in as a mono. And trying to understand if what I had with Bree was indicative that I'm in the wrong life, or if it was just a relief from depression. Or how much was NRE. Realistically, probably a combination of all of the above.

Yeah, I'm not in a hurry to change anything. I'm hurting, Bree's hurting, Michelle's hurting, and Ralph is being the sounding board for all of us (poor guy). Michelle and I are in therapy (individually and together) and it'll take some time to resolve.

I miss Bree terribly, though. Wish I still had her to talk to, but she's too close to this. It's too dangerous for her, and I'm sure she's afraid she'd make things worse between me and Michelle.
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