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I don't have any reason to do that with you AJ, you are kicking your own ass, and treating each other with the respect you both deserve. No wonder you have had such a successful relationship so far! I'm so glad to hear that you are both working on making it even better and stronger! Nothing like a shot of poly to do that.... if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger and even more in love.... I guarantee it![/QUOTE]

Yeah, well, if nothing else, the discussion in general has helped our relationship in terms of re-evaluating us, what we want and what we don't, more importantly - Why. It also got us talking about us and what we need to improve.

Like I said, I am the one who started the convo, because I am really good at seeing both sides of a situation and when I read the Jenny Block article that came up under my AOL news headlines, I was like, hmmmmm. I could see the good things about it. I can also guess the possible negatives, at least as it pertains to me and my relationship, but did not weigh that first before broaching this with my partner. I can't guess when it comes to others. I think that it is an advancement in consciousness to make this sort of arrangement work. I commend those who can.

Since I am so spiritual as in how it relates to energy and consciousness, I knew there had to exist something on this from a perspective I could really relate to. I googled Spiritual Polyamory and came across Mysticlife's spiritual polyamory. He has a book, website, and a youtube video of him reading from this book and I could TOTALLY relate to what he was saying. He definitely challenges ideas and social norms and why. It made me realize that spiritually speaking, a majority of society is trapped in what I like to call 'toddler consciousness'...basically EGO (myself included, although at least I realize it). Funny enough, the toddler years are when the Ego is formed. I always find it humorous when me and my partner get 'in trouble' for touching each other or showing any sort of affection in his presence, because it is not being geared towards him. Toddler's do not like to share and are very 'me' and 'mine' oriented. Anyway, this whole subject has given me so much insight if nothing else.

My partner's views would be interesting; however, she is not a forum kind of a person. She likes her internet to check her email, watch something on Hulu, or play yahoo word games, lol. So you wont find her here. If and when we were to discuss this again later down the line, and she had an interest, I would want some things on this forum to be required reading. I think at this point, it would be much easier to be poly out of the gate with someone that I was just starting a romance with, not someone that I have been in a closed relationship all this time with, built my life with, and have a child with. We have too many things riding on the success of our relationship to intentionally add another potentially difficult variable to, on purpose. This goes for me as well. The cost/benefit ratio of me meeting someone new are just too big and not worth it to me at this point.

I appreciate all your feedback. You keep up the good work here and with your loves.
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