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Originally Posted by Indref View Post
Clothes bother me. Being naked just feels right. I spend every moment I can naked at home, and even indulge at a few friends places.

Never been to a c/o place though. To be brutally honest, I'd be self-concious!

That always gets me. Everyone else is naked; you should be self-conscious if you have clothes on!

(not all the time, just at a c/o resort or beach)

And most of the time, you'll be the thinnest or handsomest person there, no kidding! So if you are a guy, don't worry about unwanted wood! There are ways to deal with this and there are some good books on this topic "The Complete Guide to Nudism and Naturism" by Liz and James Egger is very good. I bought it for the owners of Abbott's Glen on the 3rd anniversary of AG last year. I paid the retail price for it off Amazon; now it's only available used for $277.00 (paperback!). They keep it in the bathroom area near the hot tub. It has chapters on overcoming shyness, introducing children to the c/o scene, how to get your wife or husband to try it with you if they're shy, and it discusses at length the aspects of nudity that overlap with sexuality, particularly the "swinging" scene, as well as ways to deal with "unwanted wood". I didn't really need that book for myself since I don't really have any of these issues, but it's good to have around to explain things to other people.

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