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As Tonberry mentioned, over the weekend (well, Monday actually, but it was a day off for me so it's close enough) we had J over for dinner.

The evening went quite well, J seemed impressed with the food, especially that I'd made greek salad, which is one of her favorites. She and Tonberry got along, and one of our cats really took a liking to her too.

Afterwards, though... I'm at a complete loss for how to procede. She has an open invitation to come by again for dinner after work, but I can't tell if she'll take me up on it, and I'm nervous about pressing in case things go south as a result.

I also found out that some of her family are trying to set her up with people or push her to find someone, so I have this nagging fear that I might lose my opportunity if she does meet another guy as a result.

I'm hoping that I'll find the time to mentally sort things out, to be able to slow down enough to work past the anxiety and figure out what I can do, but between working full time and starting a three month course that might be difficult. I'm just glad I have Tonberry to help, I don't know what I'd do without her support.

There's also the little matter that if I do start dating J we'll likely have to come out to my family, which will be interesting to say the least. I know I'll have to eventually anyways, but I'd rather not rush it if we don't have to.

So to sum up, things seem to be going well, but I'm a nervous wreck anyways. Odd how when I phrase it that way my first thought is that it sums up my character pretty well for life in general.
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