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So Husband and S had coffee and she is all about being friends for a long time first so I guess I got a bit of time before I really need to worry about her as a choice. I have moments of pettiness. Like hey, I asked to meet and talk; she felt it was too soon, but Husband, the one she says she is wary of gets coffeehouse face time? Me? I get email chats full of hyperbole about how I might be able to use my rational mind to fix her irrational mind. pfffft! BTDT and it wasn't fun.

I don't have the focus today to worry about it much and I guess that is a good thing. J is coming over for dinner tonight and he and my husband will be meeting for the first time. I'm so nervous! It doesn't feel like a bad nervous though. hopehopehopehope they get along!
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