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Thanks so much for the feed back. I know I need to do the right thing and tell the boy. Also, GS, the pre nup idea is something that I totally forgot about thanks for that. I will need to take care of it this week. Me and my guy are commited to each other and ready to take our relationship to the next level so I am really happy about getting married. I spoke with the boy last night. I asked how he was feeling about things (our reatinship/friendship) he told me that he wasn't sure but he does understand my choice to be poly. He mentioned not wanting to change me and forcing me to be unhappy by choosing him and a mono relationship. I told him that I also did not want him to change for me. I let him know that if he finds a nice person to be with that he should take that chance and stop waiting around for me because I'm not going back to my old mono ways. We both agreed that we have a better understanding of each other now. I'm not worried anymore that he'll run off and not be my friend anymore. On a side note I asked him if the fact that I am going to be poly and stay with my guy will be a problem if I want to come visit him (We are both sure there will be sexually stuff on a visit). He told me it wouldn't bother him and he'd be just fine as long as my guy is okay with it (he is). I guess we are taking baby steps. At least I can say that I've been completely honest with him this time around. He doesn't have any false hopes. We may only end up being good firends (again) ad I'm okay with that. Oh, and for groundedspirit, here's some ages: I'm 28, my guy is 38, and the boy is 22. I met the boy when he was 16. We have spent all these years going back and forth with our feelings, each of us trying to make things fall in to place. This is the first time things have actually been enjoyable for him, me, and the other people involved (my guy).

So, thank you again for the help guys.
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