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Right now there is my husband, my boyfriend and my love interest... Tat's purely descriptive, though. Just like my husband used to be my boyfriend, my boyfriend might become my husband, a few years down the road (I called my husband "my husband" before we were legally married so I don't see why it would be different there). And if something happened with my love interest, he's be my boyfriend too.

So, I'd be in a case where I'd have two people with the same word. It might be a bit weird. I can imagine saying "my first husband, my second husband" in a purely chronological way (similar to serial monogamy, except one doesn't have to stop being my husband for the next to become it), but that doesn't work as well with boyfriends.

On the other hand, for people who know them I can use names. I also have three brothers, so saying "my brother" is just as vague.

Right now, when referring to them I say "my guys", but that's as a group.

I do agree it would be useful to have terms that allow you to differentiate while not necessarily putting one person above another.

Obviously, it won't be an issue for me for a while (my relationship with my boyfriend is only two months old - and long distance - we're nowhere near a wife/husband status. And I'm not actively pursuing my love interest, either, at this time.) but it would still be a good thing to define. Reminds me of this comic.
Me: 32F, straight
Seamus: My husband, 33M, straight
Fox: My boyfriend, 30M, homoflexible
Dragon: Fox's husband (and my ex), 30M, pansexual
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