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Default ARggggg @ workplace politics!

I love my job.

I love my job.

I love my job.

Management & people who are abusing union steward privileges on the other hand...........

I got shifted to night shift starting this past Sunday night. My being sent to nights is contractually wrong since the contract states that as long as the worker is willing and capable of doing the assigned job they can stay on their preferred shift. The plant manager was interpretting this clause differently than the rest of us.

The union steward causing all of this (probably representing someone else) has a mouth as big as the state of Texas & all the creatures in it. She was telling people last Wednesday night that I was going to night shift. I hadn't even been informed of the move yet! That information is supposed to remain confidential. ANYTHING said/done in the office is supposed to be confidential. It is also morally & ethically wrong! If I want people to know my business I will tell them myself. I have a mouth and know how to use it for myself

This situation will soon be corrected since I can do any job this department offers AND I have 21 years under my belt there!

I am dumbfounded by how little these management types know about these jobs! (In manager's defense he did just start the job in May) I was told by the chief Steward this morning that he could have gotten me a different job for this week if I had my tow motor license. I did that job for about ten years without the license & the afternoon shift lady does it without as well even now, & she's nearing retirement. I have never been offered to go for my license. I can do the job & if the tow motor is needed I know how to find one of the drivers & organize things so that I can get everything I need done efficiently & still leave them more than enough time to get their job done as well. *sigh*

I now know why I tend to sit by myself during gossip, no politics & that's where I get the majority of my serious thinking done, lol.

The lady causing all of this strife is looking at one clause & totally ignoring the one which is directly above it! The one she's going by is correct in a different set of circumstances. ie. If I didn't know the other jobs or didn't have the seniority THEN I would have to go to my last posted position which was night shift. I never have liked her very much & now even less so.

Brighter spots in my life.

Breathes loves me. He's just as stressed over this as I am. I become a cranky bitch when I'm not sleeping properly.

Possibility loves me . He's anxious about this as well.

I got to spend most of Sunday afternoon with Possibility! woot! We were watching the kidlets but once they went down for a nap....I don't think we've ever been so relaxed together.
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