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Now that I've had a full eight consecutive hours of sleep let's see if I can do this a wee bit better.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
By "their own time" do you mean alone, at someone's house, after work? Or at their cubicles during lunch hour? Maybe the coworkers want to keep the workplace for work.
Not at work, there's no time for much more than a quick hello or banter through the take-out window. He's a short order cook & she works out front & will cover in the kitchen when needed.

You're vague on what the "snide remarks" are, but if they're derogatory, he is also within his rights to confront her maturely, express that he would appreciate if she kept her comments to herself, and that this is a work place not high school and rude comments are inappropriate. Meanwhile, he could keep his flirting out of the office and remove the fuel for her fire.
I will definitely have to remind him of that. They are all supposed to be adults there, except for co-op students who act more mature than her, so one would think it could be handled in a mature adult manner.

For the record, no one can "make him" feel anything. Breathe is responsible for his own emotions, and if he can't handle being judged by people that live a different lifestyle, maybe he isn't emotionally ready to be so flamboyantly poly. I've read some of his posts, and I get a sense of insecurity, expressed as caring too much about what other people think of him.
As I said, he isn't a member here. Yes, he is responsible for his own emotions & how he chooses to react to them. I will need to talk to him about some of this once my own schedule gets back to normal again. My carrying on a conversation when short on sleep & the only time we get to see each other is pretty much the hall sex sort right now is pretty useless. There's also the fact that he's stressed right now because I'm stressed about situations at work sooooooooooooooo, the talk will have to wait until we're both less stressed about unrelated things.

On a brighter note he did invite her over sometime soon (sleep deprived brain doesn't retain details very well) so there is a glimmer there.

Thanx everyone. I'm hoping I'll be able to pay more attention to this site sometime in the very near future.
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