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Default bounce back from hurt feelings

So, I'm on this self improvement kick right now. I have been having alot of personal growth. It feels great to be more in tune with myself, but the growing pains are never fun.

Anyways, with all of this self analysis I have discovered that it takes some time for me to "bounce back" from hurt feelings and am wondering if this is just my healing process or if its something I need to improve upon. For example, last night Bud asked if his daughter could join my daughter's bed time story before he brought her home. I said yes. His ex was running late otherwise they would have left earlier. During the story she called and said she was back home. ( A little more info. She is a control freak and uses the fear of losing his child against him. So when she says jump he asks how high.) He came into the room in the middle of the book with full intentions of taking his daughter and leaving right then. He didn't say this. I just knew. He saw that we were almost done so he waited. They gave her hugs and kisses and I went to give mine and cover her up. I would have been finished in less than 30 seconds, but he felt he must leave right then so he interrupts while I'm saying "I love you. Sweet Dreams" to tell me they are leaving. My feelings were hurt by this.

When he got back we talked about it. Squared it away. He said he was sorry. I accepted his apology. And I should be fine after that, right? I wasn't. While I felt the problem was resolved I was still upset over it. I fell asleep with lingering feelings about it. Now I am puzzled. He moves on instantly. I need time to bounce back from my hurt feelings. Is this okay or is it something I need to improve upon?
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