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Originally Posted by Lemondrop View Post
And my all-time favorite poly memory...

I was filling out the paperwork for Monkey to start school and she looked over as I was putting in the guardian information.

Monkey: Why are there so many spots for parents?
Me: In case you have step-parents.
Monkey: Why haven't you put in Sunday and Asha?
Me: Because they aren't legally your step-parents.
Monkey: They're the step-parents of my heart!

I consoled her by listing them as emergency contacts and writing that they were friend/caregivers.

It's funny that Monkey, who is 11 and a girl, can handle the poly thing so well, while Moose, who is 16 and a boy, freaks out whenever we discuss it with him or mention anything to do with it. They are such different children.

ETA: I was reading some of the previous posts and am happy to report that Rockstar is being much nicer to me. Yesterday Sunday and Asha picked Moose up from school (and Moose wasn't surly!!!) and both Rockstar and Ocean informed me that they had decided that Rockstar was now my son, and Moose belonged to Sunday and Asha.
Monkey: They're the step-parents of my heart!

Just wanted to say that I thought that comment was so sweet. You must have very special children. How adorable;0D
-oh, and the 16 yo having trouble with your relationship? I'd venture to say that's mostly a teen know, trying to assert their independence?
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