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Default Isn't that interesting !

It is interesting (poly opinion) but I guess not surprising.

I see it as a combination of a couple things...........

1> Misperceptions/ignorance
I think the vast majority of the public still associate 'poly' with polygamy and all the negative associations and publicity surrounding that.

2> Envy
Another pretty common trait. No matter how (supposedly) open minded these people try to appear, when it comes down to it - if you are going to have yours then I better be able to have the same. If not I'm going to cry FOUL !
As part of the above mentioned ignorance - what limited knowledge many people have of poly they relate to multiple sex partners. Double foul if they can't have theirs !

It may be awhile, but I think the cat is out of the bag. I've had numerous chance encounters especially with younger (20s) folk and people a bit more 'educated/worldly' indicating that the topic is on the table for true discussion.

But the ostriches will survive for awhile yet.
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