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Hi Amethyst,

I'm going out on a limb here and saying you have some major confusion between sex & love (the amory part).

I strongly suggest you get some clarity on the difference because if you don't you'll just add more confusion to what is basically a simple (but hard to solve) problem.

Lack of sex & intimacy has only minimal to do with polyamory. But a lot of people start down the road and try to grab the 'poly' label as what appears to be an ethical solution to a sticky problem.

But that's only self serving and in reality a lie - to you and anyone else involved.

Love is more than just sex - or even intimacy.

And there's absolutely nothing (in my mind anyway) 'wrong' about seeking to fulfill sexual needs and desires - and long as it harms no one. I promote such frequently !

But call a spade a spade - not a 'heart'

Make sense ?

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