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Sorry I didn't respond are visiting. Rather difficult to discuss your wife and her girlfriend when her homophobic parents are in town. Yes, they don't know about her bisexuality either.

About the question of where this poster got his "info" about polyamory...apparently it was from an infamous radio show where the host has a screw loose about sexual abuse. Other people noted that this host had claimed on other occasions that lesbians and "women with high-pitched voices" are also likely abuse victims. Ok.

As you can probably guess her parents aren't likely to think what we're up to is cool. I've been on record as saying my father (my mom is gone) would probably never speak to me again. So while I'm happy for those of you in better family situations I suppose I'm looking for means of support since I know that's not ever likely for us.

The advice you have given for friends on the other hand is good. I think once my wife comes to better terms with her sexuality (and that day isn't far) we'll start carefully making noises around our friends.
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