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Originally Posted by vodkafan View Post
Hi redpepper, what I meant is that when you commit to somebody the whole idea is that you will stick with them through thick and thin, no matter how your circumstances change. It is how we develop as human beings, to stick with someone when bad times come, rather than cut and run. We don't have control over life but we do have control over ourselves.
That's just my take on it, and my wife's as well.
Maybe less fluid and changeable than some poly people might see things. Not judging anybody else, that's just us.
@vodkafan- Handfastings are not for children playing dress up. Usually those involved take them very seriously. I highly doubt anyone who is involved in a ceremony like that would not consider the ritual a very serious commitment and very much as you think a marriage commitment is like. There is no difference other than some chose to have a time span.

Sometimes younger people decide on a time span for no less than a year and a day because they are not sure where their lives will lead. I think this is a very intelligent idea, especially considering the divorce rate. The whole idea is to see how a couple is doing after the time frame is ended, not end it. It's a checking in time. Something that other marriages don't have. I think that is a very good idea, something that others can make use of.

Please don't make this a poly thing, as it isn't. It has nothing to do with poly, just that some poly people have chosen this type of ceremony as a bonding ritual.
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