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Sure as hell most of the "normal" people does not understand any kind of polyamory lifestyle, mainly they misunderstand the basic idea: they think is about cheating and not about loving more than one person...
I personally believe that the only way to live a full, open and joyful relation is avoiding any reason to cheat...

BTW, I live in Milan and writing in english to another italian person is not so strange... Doing so you allow anyone in the world to understand.
Dispersing knowledge and information is dispersing democracy and participation...

Ciao a te.

Originally Posted by FedEvolution View Post
no experience, just feel the need to have a open relationship when I was engaged with a woman... a lot of person can't understand that.

sometimes I'm cofused, if it's only sexual need or something of different.

it's strange to write in english to a italian person.

where do you live in Italy kittyStardust and Marco?

hey kittyStardust are you still in Forum?

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