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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post

I'm not sure I know what you mean about AGAINST change... What does that mean? It's no less of a commitment and doesn't have to be for any period of time, it can be "until death do us part" if you wish... I'm sorry, I'm stuck on the "commitment AGAINST change" bit... to me life is always changing, we don't have control over that. Explain?

Hi redpepper, what I meant is that when you commit to somebody the whole idea is that you will stick with them through thick and thin, no matter how your circumstances change. It is how we develop as human beings, to stick with someone when bad times come, rather than cut and run. We don't have control over life but we do have control over ourselves.
That's just my take on it, and my wife's as well.
Maybe less fluid and changeable than some poly people might see things. Not judging anybody else, that's just us.
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