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As I said in that other thread...schedules are great in my book. I have asked for one date night a week (4 hours or so) and possible lunch or after work meeting once a week (maybe 2 hours if possible). Overnights have been maybe once every six weeks and scheduled around family obligations. I think it is important for the connection and communication of a couple to be mindful of being physically together at least once a week- and this doesn't just mean sex, I mean affection too. So that we are all meeting physical and emotional needs, schedules work best.

The text thing doesn't bother me unless it is constant- which it never really is. 2Rings and hubs can text when they need to no matter with whom I am keeping company. Our situation- kids, school, work etc, really make it unfair to put that kind of no-contact clause on either of them. 2Rings and I TRY to limit our texts to good morning and goodnight when he is with his family. Sometimes there are a handful exchanged on those days.

Balance is key. The hinge has the most pressure and needs to be most mindful in these areas for the relationships IMHO.
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