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I'm definitely attracted mostly to a person, but there is a dose of physical attraction too, although it's more about charm or chemistry than purely physical appearance.

I don't think I can be attracted to people just based on their appearance. They just feel empty to me if they don't have a personality. And falling in love is something I do with a person, not their body. Both my husband and my boyfriend I met online and developed feelings for before knowing what they looked like. Same for the man I have a crush on currently.
Sometimes I wonder if that's why my working relationships have been online. I get to meet the person, talk to them, get to know them and fall in love without knowing what they look like yet. Then when I see them, it's just a materialization of it, and I would say I do need that, being able to visualize the person, for it to evolve deeper and reach other levels, but maybe it works better for me if the way they look doesn't get in the way at first, if I'm making any sense.

I do think there can be some chemistry, too. With my ex, I can't say I really was in love with him, I really liked him as a friend, but there was a strong chemistry between us and physical attraction.

The thing with me though is that I tend to like imperfections the most. Things that make the person unique. And often, these are considered flaws - a crooked tooth, a scar, things like that. I like them because they're part of that specific person, they make them unique. I wouldn't care for them at all if they weren't part of a person I like, but I love them the most on the people I love.
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