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I'm still not sure how this all happened. What's wrong with acting out of anger? Anger is there to propell us into what is hurting us. To get to the root of issues. I wonder if you had just expressed what you felt in the moment; anger and all, if you would feel that sense of insignificance. I know when I let myself be angry and call people on their shit, then it gets me to the end of it quickly and keeps things simple. Whats your experience of anger that you feel like it should pass before you talk?

I doubt anyone could ever read your mind. Can you read his? I'm not sure its fair to expect him to know what to say or ask. Why not tell him, give him the words. After a time I find that people begin to get what I expect of them and them of me. Assuming and expectations don't seem to work in my opinion. People are selfish and think of themselves its natural to. That's why we need to use that selfishness and tell them what I need from them. Often they are grateful. Of course often the way I say it is playful and in the moment. I don't let anything sit unless I don't understand it. Getting it out there is really important to everyones sanity. At least for me anyways.
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