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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
do a search for unicorn in the tags... there is a lot to read there.

Ya, that is a worry. The whole sexy threesome with two girls may be over riding reality for him. Give it time. It all sinks in.

I would be really surprised if you find that the two of you have similar tastes in women for long term relationships. Usually partners pick similar ones to us and usually we aren't interested in people that are like us. But it does happen...

I hope he is reading here too and that you find time to discuss and educate yourself as much as possible. Not that you will have all your ducks in a row anyway when the first person comes along to be with one or both of you... but it does help.

yes I'm sure things will definitely be hectic the first time around. How did people here get past the akward stages of poly relationships? Especially those who were married first. An even bigger issue at hand is that we have been separated and recently reconciled (so recently that we are still not living togetjer) I know this isn't the right time and me and him have to get our lives straight before anyone eles come in. But I honestly do feel that our relationship is strong as it ever was and that once we get settled back in things will run smoothly. While we were separated though we both messed more successfully than he . And I think that he may have a resentment that my 3way went well and hus didn't. I also know that he is hurt that it wasn't with him. I'm scarred that thia is the only reason he interested and that in the long run it will hurt us.
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