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I waited because I knew if I didn't, my anger would take over the conversation. We've talked about the situation. He said he knew I was upset as soon as he got home from the movie, but was "too busy" to talk. ~eyeroll~ (He was busy chatting online and playing a video game.)

As for all day yesterday, all he could say was "why didn't you tell me what was bothering you?" Admiittedly, I should have spoken up. But I was really feeling insignificant to him, like I (and my feelings) didn't matter. ugh (yes, I know, vicious circle... we both need to work on communicating.) I want him to start offering up information without me having to pull it out of him, and he wants me to speak up when I'm upset.

Even though we have talked, he STILL doesn't think he did anything wrong. He did however apologize for hurting my feelings and allowing it to continue as long as it did without asking me about it.
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