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thanks for the post Gemini... I can't think of anywhere to put that post...

I try and live by example. As I do in poly... taking other people as examples is how I got here... I am still take others as an example and make out of it my own life. I hope that by expressing myself and keeping at my journey of life in many areas that it will be put to use as I have put others expressions to use.

So the journey of obtaining my room has begun. PN, Mono and I have been emailing back and forth on a group email for a week now trying to figure out details of Mono's move. The tenants we have in the suite in the lower part of our house will be moving out in two weeks. I will be able to make up my room after that and we can see about what needs to be done down there.

So far rent has been discussed first. That and hydro, internet etc... all the boring stuff to me really. I left that all up to the men.

Next is what I need to create my room. I have been saving art work, a lamp, a bed head and a chest with all my ritual stuff in it for years, waiting for this moment. I need a double bed, bedding, a small desk a night stand and a comfy chair. I can't wait to get started!

I have been trying to get PN on board with the idea that he will have his own room also! He gets the best bedroom in the house! Lucky man...

I've also been talking a lot with the boy about what it will mean that I am down stairs more often. He doesn't want to come down there, but I am trying to explain that he is welcome and that I will be lonely for him if he doesn't. He can bring our new guinea pig there, play his DS, bring books... snuggle and watch movies... My biggest fear is his lack of mumma time. The rest is negotiable. With kids it's more difficult. Time will tell. At least I will be home and near him instead of across the city!
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