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Originally Posted by foxflame88 View Post
So last night, he got home from work, and continued to ignore me, aside asking what I made for dinner. I ended up going to bed upset again, this time crying myself to sleep. About 5am, I couldn't take it anymore, and sent him an email telling him how I feel. Hoping he will talk tome about it later. ~sigh~
Why did you wait so long? Personally I have found that the sooner I address an issue the sooner it is dealt with and no longer is an issue. When things are left for longer than they need to be they get bigger and take on a life of their own within a relationship. Any relationship! friendship, parent child relationship and certainly a love one!

I'm not sure if leaving it so long was the best thing to do. It could of been a short conversation of "where did you go" "why didn't you tell me" and "next time I would appreciate some consideration when you are going to go out with someone and here is how"... end of story, no need to fret and no need to have this last days on end.
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