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I feel some guilt when people are jealous of what I have. I'm not sure why that is as I have worked damned hard and am a really good judge of character when picking people to be in my life.

I feel guilt that my parents don't know as I know they suspect something. I am torturing them I think. I'm sure they think that I am having an affair and that Mono is around because he wants to take me away from my family.

I feel guilty that I am so in love with Mono some days that I just want to be with him and don't want to go home.

I feel guilty that I am so in love with my husband some days and don't want to leave the house.

I feel guilty that I even think that I can add anyone else to my crazy life and that I will still have time for the ones I hold near and dear right now. They will all have to adjust for me... I hate that.

I feel guilty that I am too busy to clean the house so my husband does it.

I feel guilty that I have little time for my art.

Shall I go on.

I grew up in a family with a mother that martyred herself. She felt a lot of guilt and has nicely passed it on to me... thanks Mom!
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