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Originally Posted by vodkafan View Post
Thanks redpepper for the info. I don't think Handfasting is for us. In our minds, marriage is kind of about commitment AGAINST change, that our human will is stronger than circumstances or going with the flow.
I know my wife would not be impressed with an old pagan ceremony, if she cannot legally have what she wants she would rather not have anything.
They will probably just go away somewhere for a romantic weekend and exchange rings or something.
Whatever is sensible and practical.
Whatever works... Mono isn't all that keen either. I would marry him if he was willing, but he married once and thinks marriage is a one shot thing. No biggy.

Just so you know, I gave you the traditional, old school version, people make handfastings there own and don't call them that necessarily. As I said, like poly, you can make it your own. Sound like they would do that anyway.

I'm not sure I know what you mean about AGAINST change... What does that mean? It's no less of a commitment and doesn't have to be for any period of time, it can be "until death do us part" if you wish... I'm sorry, I'm stuck on the "commitment AGAINST change" bit... to me life is always changing, we don't have control over that. Explain?

I forgot one other term that is used... OSO (other significant other).
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