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Everyone knows when they post something that there is a chance that others will voice their opinions which is why we are on here, we want to hear other's opinions to see how others think and respond to situations. Just because we may not agree with his dating sisters and voice our opinions doesn't mean he should leave, it isn't the people themselves it is just a situation that honestly most people can't or don't understand how someone could get involved in. I for one have 5 sisters, 1 is lez, 3 are bi, and one is straight and honestly I couldn't picture dating any of their partners as I would get an eeewwww factor everytime I thought of that person doing the things to me he or she did to them but that is just me, if that relationship lasts and they are all happy then go them!!! PS. why in the world would she tell her mother? Mine is way open minded and I wouldn't tell her if I was dating one of my sisters partners and things were going wrong.
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