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Originally Posted by foxflame88 View Post
He refuses and then LEFT! He was gone a few hours, and when he came home, did not say a word to me. I went to bed.
I would be seriously pissed at this point. Don't leave without talking to me, without communicating where you're going or giving me an *idea* (as in - in a couple 3 hours) when you'll be back.

Originally Posted by foxflame88 View Post
This morning, he kept hitting his snooze and going back to sleep. I finally got mad enough to get up and give up trying to sleep. I didn't sleep well all night either, as I was cold and upset about him going out abruptly. FOUR HOURS later, he drags his lazy bum outta bed.
I am the multiple snooze girl. But I shut mine off before he wakes up. However I can understand the

Originally Posted by foxflame88 View Post
He has not spoken to me all day, and just left for work.
I would now be BEYOND pissed.

I also don't do well without communicating. I need to talk. I can't go to bed mad - although I'm *mostly* ok with going to bed upset. The lack of communication would have me extremelly angry and upset and ....

Originally Posted by foxflame88 View Post
How would you feel in my situation? Am I being absurd for being upset? Part of me wants to see how long it takes him to ASK me why I'm upset, but on the other hand, I am so damn angry I might just blow.
Game playing doesn't work. And waiting to see if he notices or asks is a game... and everyone loses. There's no winner.

Talk to him. Explain how you're feeling "When you left last night, I felt ____ because ______. When you wouldn't talk to me this morning, I felt ____ because _____." And let it go from there. But he needs to know HOW you feel and WHY.

Just as a precautionary note though - as much as you might want to - calling him a selfish self-centered asshole really won't solve anything

I feel for you... I would be seriously upset by the lack of communication.

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