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Originally Posted by WildCard View Post
But then things blew up and I almost lost them both. The girlfriend (who I just broke up with) started demanding more and more of my time, and seemed to care less about respecting my marriage and more about getting her own needs met.
I was talking about this very subject with a girlfriend (who knows) yesterday and we were talking about the 'woman' mind. She said that women just simply cannot help themselves....they want to believe in prince charming whisking them away, even though you tell them time and again, that it is not going to happen.

Think of all the countless affairs of the world, where the woman really believes that the man will leave his wife and kids for her....and some do, but some wallow in "nowhere land" for years.

Is day to day 'happiness' really that much more special than a future together? I am not sure....and I don't know what the 'other woman' is ever thinking. I think that they may be a bit broken themselves and willing to settle for second best, when many of them deserve better.

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