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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Handfasting is a wiccan ritual that binds two people together. It is similar to marriage, but in pagan times it wasn't such a loaded institution as it is today. It was a ceremony to bind people for a time.

The great thing is you can make it what you want. You can have a time limit for the length of your love, or for a year and then renew and go your separate ways, whatever works. The options are endless. Much like poly, the agreement is up to the people involved. There is a ritual to release those bound in a handfasting too, but I have forgotten what its called. I like that its not a divorce, but acknowledges that people change, circumstances change and like the seasons, we are meant to. Both rituals are about the flow of life and honour that. At least from what I have learned.

Thanks redpepper for the info. I don't think Handfasting is for us. In our minds, marriage is kind of about commitment AGAINST change, that our human will is stronger than circumstances or going with the flow.
I know my wife would not be impressed with an old pagan ceremony, if she cannot legally have what she wants she would rather not have anything.
They will probably just go away somewhere for a romantic weekend and exchange rings or something.
Whatever is sensible and practical.

Oh she doesn't like the term "boyfriend" either. Maybe we are just a bit square Lol.

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