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I would also be upset, you don't sound unreasonable at all. He hasn't been communicating with you, then he disrupted your sleep in the morning. That's a pet peeve for me, my husband is also guilty of the multiple-snooze. When he hits the 2nd snooze, I ask him to turn off the alarm.

If I may ask, I wonder if there isn't more going on? For him to just up and leave like that sounds like a symptom of a deeper problem. Assuming he went out on a movie date with internet-girl, I'm having trouble understanding how your relationship has room for polyamory when it's lacking the basic communication of announcing when you're going out and talking when you get home and in the morning.

There's definitely some conversation that needs to happen here. He needs to know how you're feeling, and you need to know what he's doing and thinking.
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