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Wink Headlines

This is a feature of the blog called Headlines. I'll throw it out every now and again, and it's simply a collection of small blurbs about what's been going on with little to no narrative structure. I'm introducing this now because I am so happy I can barely compose myself in order to write. Cause, you know, I get excited like that. I'm just generally pleased with life at the moment. And also, cool stuff. So yes. Here we go.

First Date + Compersion = Frikkin' Sweet!

Went on a first date with a Really Cool Guy who may or may not be joining the forums. We ended up having lunch with my husband about two hours into the date, whereupon the two of them had a private moment refilling their drinks that went something like: "Wow, she's really smart." "Yeah, I know. Isn't it great?" "Yeah!"

That is in fact not the only opinion RCG and my husband seem to share. Later on in the evening when we had met back up at the house, I lost the both of them for a total of two hours (out of a 15 hour date) while they were off geeking out together. I was left sitting in the living room with the dog going, "Wait just a minute!" But there was no way in hell I was going to interrupt that sort of bonding.

Also during a moment that we were alone, my husband was teasing me about making kissy face with RCG, cause we had been snuggling on the loveseat all evening. When RCG came back into the room, Mr. Unicorn even teased him about how it had gotten REEEEALLY quiet out in the living room earlier and that he had an aha moment as to why.

There was a lot of kissyface. And he smells really good.

We also saw the most incredible night sky. Cloudless, moonless, with a fog over the nearest city that was holding in all the light. The sky has never felt so big, nor the stars so close. I got to be amazed with RCG before we got distracted, and when I came home again, I went out and marveled at it again with Mr. Unicorn. We stayed out until the fog rolled in.

RCG said he had been carrying around so much stress for the last month until he got to our house. He said he just felt comfortable and like he was able to relax. He said he had an eye twitch that completely melted away.

As I was saying goodnight to RCG, he told me to tell Mr. Unicorn: "Tell him thank you, and that I'll have to bring that video game out the next time I come." I can't for the life of me decide which part is more awesome.

The next day I was all happy and laughing at everything with secret smiles as I remembered my evening. Mr. Unicorn told me to thank RCG for making me into a giggly girl.

I want to go visit MarksBabyGirl, and I might get to do so in May! I dunno if it's kosher to say that aloud, but it's MY blog and I can be excited about the prospect if I want! I just think she's awesome. Ha.

Also, I just got asked out on another date, just now. It's certainly busy around here!
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