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I am sure you are "not reassured" by my having left my wife to be with my now husband. As I said earlier though, she was not able to let me be me and in the end we both decided that it was not healthy for either of us.... also, as I said, I have mourned the loss of her ever since and have shaped my love into a deep friendship now. I will always love her.... she was here last night and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Even when she asked me some really hard questions about Mono and my husband and what I would do if I ever found myself loving one more than the other...

No, I am not the one who left. If she could find it in her heart to accept the way I am and be intimately close again, I would be in heaven! She is by far my ideal woman. It has made it really hard to search for another I can tell you.
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